Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours?

  • Drop-off begins at 7:50 AM Monday-Friday. Dismissal is at 3:00 PM Monday-Thursday. Friday dismissal is 12:31 PM. Arrival and homeroom is between 7:50-8:00 AM and Period 1 begins at 8:00 AM. On time arrival is an important aspects of your child’s day; avoid late arrivals to ensure students begin their day with homeroom.


What if there is a change in my child’s transportation?

  • Should there be any changes in your child’s transportation schedule, the school must be notified online through the School Dismissal Manager. The school will not change a child’s transportation arrangement without direct communication from a parent or authorized adult.


Can the nurse administer medication to my child?

  • For students who need to have medication during the school day—whether prescription or over-the-counter—regularly or just for a short time, Connecticut State Law requires that authorization forms must be completed. These forms must be signed by the doctor and the parent, and brought in to the school by an adult with the medication in the original pharmacy labeled bottle. Forms can be accessed here.


Who should I contact if my child is having difficulty with his/her homework?

  • Please contact your child’s Advisor even if the difficulty seems trivial, as many problems can be solved with early identification.


What happens if my child forgets something for school (e.g., homework, change of clothes for the athletic/activities program, etc.)?

  • Homeroom is a time to help prepare your child for the day. Teachers and Advisors will help students problem-solve when they have forgotten something or have a concern about something. Students can be supplied with the necessary materials when these occasions arise.


Does TSS serve lunch?

  • Yes, we provide lunch Monday-Thursday for the students. Our on-site Chef Peggy Lewis places an emphasis on creative, palate-pleasing meals that are nutritionally sound and encourage good eating habits. Choices each day include a main meal, soup, salad, and/or sandwich.  If your child has any special dietary needs, we ask that you coordinate these requests through your child’s Advisor.  


Is there a dress code at TSS?

  • At TSS we do require students to maintain a dress code. Occasionally students have a relaxed dress code for a school-related event or celebration. Dress down days will be communicated through the Parent Weekly Email.